What are your real estate goals?

August 28 2018

Whether you're looking for that perfect place to retire, a sunny summer getaway or a moneymaking investment, achieving your real estate goals all comes down to strategy. 

How will you save for it? Where should you look and how much should you spend? How will you ensure it's a good use of your dollars and time?

Here's how to set and achieve your real estate goals:

1. Start saving now.
When do you want to reach your goal? Work backward from when you plan to buy the property, and figure out how much you need to save every month. Implement an effortless system by setting up an automated deposit from your paychecks.

2. Know your budget.
What down payment will you have to work with? What price range would that put you in? Talk to one of our loan officers about how to get or keep your credit on track for your goals. You should also consider your loan options and which financing products could work best for you.

3. Determine what you want and where to find it.
What features matter to you? On a vacation home, you may prefer specific amenities or a beachside location. For an investment property, you likely want a high-demand area with steadily growing rents. If buying a retirement home, you should consider the age of the community and neighbors. 

4. Think beyond your goal.
Remember, reaching your goal is not the end. You'll also want to consider a property's long-term value. What will it earn you when it's time to sell? Always keep this in the back of your mind, and only consider properties that are poised to appreciate in value over the long run.

No matter what your real estate goals are, we're here to help. Get in touch today to create a financial plan for your long-term success.

Whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing, it is important to have an experienced mortgage professional to help you analyze your financing options, and make sure the closing goes smoothly. As a loan officer with Blueleaf Lending, I have the expertise and experience to get you the right mortgage, and to handle your transaction professionally. With my experience, and our rates and programs, you are sure to get the mortgage that is right for you. Please remember to get me involved early on in your home-buying process. Starting the Process not only gives you a better idea of what you can qualify for, it also gives you a stronger negotiation position when you find the home of your dreams.